The Alumitact X700 is a new tactical military led flashlight released only recently after the tremendous success of the G700. It seems that Alumitact didn’t cared about stealing the design concept, the light modes and even the brand name.

The best place to buy the X700 is on the official X700 website.

Despite the Alumitact’s attempt to make an exact G700 replica, there is one thing that makes the X700 one of the worst led flashlights in the entire world. Keep reading and you’ll find out why.

To understand what makes the G700 unique and undisputable we must look back to the G700 origins.

It all started in 2008 while Lumitact was on a government contract hired to develop a powerful military led flashlight that can reach more than 2,000 feet. The purpose was to help soldiers blind their opponents in combat and disable them from shooting back.  

The led technology at that time didn’t allow to fit such a power in a handheld flashlight because the only LED lights that can be powered with a 4 volts AAA battery were small LED diodes. To make the idea possible, Lumitact patented a new LED hardware that is much more powerful than the common led diodes.

The new LED chip revolutionized the entire flashlight industry and different competitors failed copying the LED technology. The X700 is a perfect example for that.

Starting with the failed LED chip that has no more than 60 Lumens, to the Chinese quality glass used on the optical lens, the X700 is nothing like the G700.  That is why you should avoid paying $56 for it and get the G700 instead.